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Types of Activities Katy
offers to support Therapy

Movement through Outside Activity

Katy encourages any type of movement but outdoor activity is where her heart is. She wants your client to be with nature and experience the grounding effects of nature.

Creativity and Manipulation

Katy will get your client's hands and gears working. Whether it's through crafts, games, or a quick recipe, your client will work their hands and mind as they critically think about what comes next in the sequence.

Encourage Motivation and Build Confidence

Katy knows the many benefits of music; encourages movement, enhances memory, helps with speech, lowers anxiety and so much more. All of these benefits will boost your client's confidence and give them another tool to have in their toolbox.

Our Activities

Tuesday Fun: Errands and Treats for Seniors in Our Community

Stay-In Play: Purposeful and Therapeutic Home Activities for Seniors

Discover Together: Organized Exploration and Social Outings

Activities Driven Caregiver Support:


Purposeful care. with a heart for
persons with dementia.


that are engaging
and interactive


Therapeutic reinforcement of prescribed exercises
and activities


Healthy strategies
to cope with
life’s changes

Katy’s goals as a Lifestyle Activity Director are:

  • Reinforce prescribed exercises/activities by the Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and Speech Therapist
  • Facilitate safe movement throughout the day
  • Encourage participation in activities of her client’s interest
  • Reduce fall risk
  • Provide short-term care in the comfort of her client’s home

Purposeful care with a heart for persons with dementia

It was 2023 while working at an assisted living facility, I fell in love with seniors living with dementia. During that time I learned the importance of living daily life to the fullest. My interest is movement. Learning more about our muscles, “use it or lose it”, has me daily sharpening my mind, body, and emotional skills to the best of my ability.

Activities that are engaging and interactive:

Weekly Activities include: Shopping and Errands, Lunch Dine Outs, Walking with Friends
Monthly Community “Continue to Learn” Opportunities: Arts, Creativity, Culture, History, Music, Nature
Mix It Up Socials: Mystery Drive with an opportunity to explore our local area and events, Decade Birthday Parties, Holiday Themed Gatherings, Celebrate Seasons and Life’s Milestones

Therapeutic reinforcement of prescribed exercises/activities:

We are created to move. As we move our, minds clear, our stress is released and our focus becomes directed at clearly seeing our goals. Movement helps us maintain a healthy weight, which lowers our risk of disease, strengthens our muscles and bones, and lessens our risk of falls. We sleep better, have more energy, and we feel less pain. Our cognition and function are also improved. Did you know? Studies show movement is important to help reduce or slow dementia as we age. Overall, movement is key to our quality of life.

Healthy strategies to cope with life’s changes:

It may surprise you to discover movement also has social benefits. Science shows that people who move are more reliable. When we are out, we are meeting people; people like ourselves. We discover our isolation becomes less and less frequent and we want to be out more. We make friendships more naturally and adjust to life and our surroundings with an ease that may have seemed impossible before we began being active.

It’s all about the journey! Katy is ready to walk with your loved one on the PATH to a place of wellness.

Our LifeStyle Activity Specialist

Katy is an outdoor enthusiast who desires to encourage and bring out the best in others. As a child, she grew up in a home of 9 siblings; two of whom have special needs. Her first job was babysitting the neighborhood’s kids, then as an adult she worked in area schools in special education and behavioral classes. At the age of 47, she graduated with a BA in Religion and Christian Ministries; then got ordained as a Christian Minister in 2005 and served in churches for over 25 years.

In 2015, after becoming suddenly widowed, Katy discovered hiking and relearned who she was. During this time, she began to plan outings, activities, and trips to help women find hope through encouragement and friendship. Shortly after, in 2017, she met her husband, Scott with whom she tent camps, rides bikes, hikes, and enjoys life.

In 2022, Katy was asked to lead games and crafts in a local assisted living community. This is when her passion for the senior population was realized. Her heart was especially drawn to supporting those living with Dementia and Memory Care needs. She began reading and researching everything she could, asking questions, and taking classes. That’s when the idea of Movement Matters was born.

Today, Katy has several certifications and continues to learn and grow in the area of recreational activity for those living with Dementia and other cognitive setbacks by taking continuing education classes. In addition to classes and certifications, Katy is fully insured and consults with a CNA or Medical Technician for all of the group outings. With Movement Matters, Katy follows Occupational, Physical, and Speech/Language Therapists in their work. As the therapist sets the plan of strength and physical growth, she supports the client through enjoyable activities fit to their needs, to help them rediscover joy in their daily life.

Certified Dementia Practitioner
Idaho Health Care Activities Certificate
Montessori Activities for Dementia
First Aid and CPR Certified
Food Handlers Permit

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them”
Ephesians 2:10


As a Home Health Occupational Therapist, I have had the privilege of working with Katy one on one when treating a mutual client. Through collaboration, communication and drive, Katy worked with me to develop a client centered approach to assist our client in need. She demonstrated passion, patience, and true leadership to assist our client in gaining back lost independence in daily activities. Katy's ability to coach, support, and guide her clients through meaningful activities, allows an individual to discover lost hope, freedom to move with confidence. She understands the importance of social interaction. Working with Katy, has reminded me of how important goal oriented and activity based interventions are in order to keep our clients strong and healthy despite disease or disability. Thank you Katy for your love and commitment to the people that we serve!
Allison Powell
Occupational Therapist
"I volunteer with Katy with several of her activities. She brings smiles to every face as they share camaraderie and the fun of working together on activities. So, rewarding for all who are participating."
Jan P
"Katy works with my husband, who has dementia. She comes a few times a week and he is always so happy to see her. She always has a combination of activities for him...always with much love and care.

She is the best….5 stars! I highly recommend her if you are looking for activities for your loved one."
Patty H.

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